I Am Not a Travel Blogger

Quilotoa Lagoon, Ecuador

For the good part of ten years, I’ve been creating content on behalf of my employers. It’s been my job. From writing web articles, to on-air video segments, to blogging, to Facebook Live hosting and becoming the social face of my employer’s brand… I’ve been “Julie from xx News” and “Julie from large North American retailer.” With some good detective work, you could find some of this on Google (but good luck, my name is pretty common).

I’ve been in the public eye. But not as MYSELF.

I am a private person. Yes, I sing. I dance. I love to act. But don’t get me wrong. I have no problem performing or playing a part. Whether it’s TV/social media host/interested interviewer or karaoke queen/Broadway belle.

Truth is, I’ve been blogging anonymously since I was in college (back then it was simply journaling – although I did it online). I have pages and pages of thoughts. But I never shared this with any, albeit a select few. And when I did, I anonymized all the people I talked about. (If I was the only reader, I wouldn’t need specifics.)

But my personal life… it’s always been hands off. Until now.

It wasn’t until I was laid off this summer and left to my own devices that I realized: not only do I have a lot to say (what can I say, I’m a storyteller, always have been), I think I have an audience who wants to listen. There was such an outpouring of people I’d lost touch with, as well as new friends, who showed interest and curiosity for not only my experiences but my worldview. So why not own it? Why not own my experiences, my desires, my points of view?

Hence, this website and my YouTube channel.

But… I’m not a travel blogger. That’s SO cliché.

I’m simply a girl, who loves to travel, who is exhilarated by new experiences and places and peoples and cultures. Who, when she steps off a plane, feels a sense of peace and happiness and excitement that is almost indescribable. It almost doesn’t matter where I go or what I do – and often I don’t know what that will be until I get there.

I once saw a girl with a highly advanced selfie tripod setup (by my standards at least) sitting on a pier in Venice. I walked by her. She was posing, again and again, checking the preview, only to try again with a slightly different tilt of her head or purse of her lips. I rolled my eyes at this. But what struck me the most was when I walked back 45 minutes later, she was still there. She was so obsessed with getting the perfect #gram with the city behind her she never even got up to see the city.

That’s not what I’m here for.

I’m not trying to make money. This is a passion project. What I want is to describe through words and show through pictures how I feel about solo travel… and hopefully inspire someone, somewhere, to push just a little further out of their comfort zone and perpetually have the best experiences of their life.

One solo trip is the gateway to many more. Today, I’m in Ecuador. Each trip I take I push my limits just a bit farther. And in doing so, I learn so incredibly much about myself.

So stay tuned for some of those experiences and lessons via my blog and YouTube channel, and be patient with me… I’m not used to being so open. But that’s another limit to be pushed!

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