What Does It Mean to Be Faithful?


Being faithful to someone means more than “not cheating.”

A few years ago I was dating someone who was still in communication with a woman that he had dated just before me. During a family function, he left his phone by me. She texted him, and then I uncovered a whole lot more.

(While I hope and pray something like this never happens to you, if it does… here’s some talking points. Good luck.)

Dear Dumb-ass [or insert real name here],

Being faithful is NOT…

Airing your dirty laundry to people who don’t matter and have no place (especially women with whom you have history).

Looking for a confidante in a woman who is not your partner.

Putting yourself in situations where lines could be blurred.

Keeping your options open and keeping another woman on the back burner.

Intentionally hiding or deleting text messages for fear of your current partner seeing what you discussed.

Accusing your current partner of distrust when she confronts you.

Being faithful IS…

Respecting and preserving the sanctity of your relationship AND being straightforward and honest at the first opportunity.

Your first allegiance is to your relationship and to the person you are with — no one else.

Faithfulness is black and white. It is 100%. Anything less is something I won’t stand for — and neither should you.

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