What Surviving Stress Teaches You

IMG_7921 (Edited)
Berchtesgaden, Germany

I love this candid shot from my day in Berchtesgaden, Germany. It had been a trying day, dealing with the hiccups of travel. My bus ticket was in German, I didn’t know what stall to wait at, and I missed it. I ran inside in panic to speak to the customer service team, and they issued me another ticket which was not direct and would get me to my destination an hour later than intended. Not a huge deal, but it crushed me to lose the precious time.

I sat on the bus and stewed for a while, taking in the gorgeous scenery, and eventually came to this conclusion: we can find meaning in frustrating times if we open our eyes and embrace it. Surviving stressful times will better equip us to handle with grace whatever life throws at us next. Plus, it gives us the opportunity to appreciate the many blessings we do have and all the people who’ve impacted us, however big or small.

Experiences + people > possessions + status quo. Shed your worries about things you can’t control and you become free. Perspective, man.

P.S. The historic city of Berchtesgaden is in the German Bavarian Alps, right off the Austrian border from Salzburg — pictured behind me is King’s Lake (Königssee). Hauntingly beautiful… don’t miss it on a day trip from Salzburg!

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