Thank You, From Julie: For Letting Me Be Me

Cartagena, Colombia

“I’m fascinated by people who choose to bare themselves on the internet”

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To my readers and viewers: You inspire ME.

Thank you, friends. Thank you for letting me bare my soul… my opinions, my desires, my failures, my vulnerabilities, my epiphanies… and accepting me.

Thank you for allowing me to share my learnings, my tools, my hacks, and my trials and errors with you.

Thank you for the support and the praise, and for coming along with me on my journey. But most of all, thank you for the validation that what I’ve shared matters. That it’s helped you. Inspired you. Been an example for you. Made some sort of difference in your life.

Because that’s why I do what I do. For you. For this. You’re MY inspiration.

But it’s also kind of for me too.

Sure, I have my own motives for “baring myself” online. One, I can practice storytelling and video editing. I can geek out with HTML. I can further develop technical skills and “hone my craft,” things that will benefit my career.

Plus, journaling is a form of therapy. It’s an opportunity to dissect my experiences, make sense of my feelings, and find silver linings. Along the way, I discover more and more about myself. What matters to me, what makes me happy, and what will make me a better person. My ultimate goal: live my best life, be the best version of me, and find the best person for me.

A final favor…

If anything I’ve said has resonated, or inspired you, or you think will inspire someone you know, please like. Please share. Please subscribe or follow. Show the algorithm you like me. Take it from me (who’s made a career in social media)… it makes a difference. One little share allows me to reach a whole new audience. It sends a signal to the social networks that be: “This girl is saying something meaningful or valuable.” It helps others find me too.

You know, I’m not out to make money here. I don’t even TRY to make money… you’ll see no advertisements clogging your feed or inbox. Affirmation is all the payment I need.


Here are just a few of the amazing messages I’ve received since launching my site. I hope you know how much your feedback means to me, and I’m humbled by your love.

“I love this ruthless love and unapologetic defense of your worth and value.” – Eileen

“Love reading your blog💕. I’m totally going through the same shift in life and I’m sure many other people relate to you too!!” – Kristine

“Love your blog’s mission and content. Very informative and inspirational. There is a positive energy about you that’s so refreshing! I think people’s lives are changed after they meet you… I know that I feel that way!” – Michael

“We’re kindred spirits when it comes to solo travel. I like that it reinforces true self reliance and discovery, both within and in others.” – Jennifer

“I’ve been reading and watching some of your posts, and have to tell you that you’re inspiring to me too. I love your piece on life after losing what seemed like your dream job. But the one on being single and happy resonates particularly with me now, having just had my engagement fall through weirdly. I really appreciate your intrepid spirit. You remind me of a piece I read recently that talked about how courage begets courage. Well done. I will share your posts and you! Or at least your life-affirming approach to challenges like this. Sometime maybe you’ll tell us more about where you think that spirit comes from… like formative experiences, influential people, etc. Maybe in your book, or when you have your own show!” – Bill

“Seriously… I totally admire what you do with your life. I talk to my teenage daughter all the time about what you do. I hope she takes the time to see the world before she settles into a normal (boring) life.” – Ted

“Thank you for this. I’d been contemplating reaching out to someone I really shouldn’t at this point given how round and round we’ve gone. Seeing your post, especially the last few sentences, really hit home and made me realize I shouldn’t do it.” – Jennifer

Check out my video below, and all my love to you 🥰

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