Less Doing, More BE-ing: My New Commitment

Portage Glacier Lake, Whittier, AK

I suffer from can’t-stop-itis. I’m always going, going, going. Work, travel, personal and social obligations… I hardly ever have time to just slow down and be. And I’m starting to understand how important that is.

The thinking and the writing… these are things that recharge me, make me feel productive, and help me understand myself. Going, going, going is exhausting. Reflecting on those experiences and coming to realizations is revitalizing. 

But, as you likely know, time to ourselves doesn’t appear out of nowhere. I have to actively make time.

And then, sometimes, inspiration doesn’t come. Even when I’ve actively made time to reflect, write, or shoot a video, my mind is blank or nothing makes sense. My page in the journal, empty; my laptop screen, blank. Frustration ensues. Why can’t I order inspiration on-demand? What is the meaning I’m seeking?! I don’t have time to waste!

And, you know what’s the absolute worst? Oftentimes, when that little lightning bolt of inspiration or knowledge strikes, I happen to be going, going, going, and it’s not a convenient time. Well, the surest way to lose that thought is to put it on my to-do list for later.

So, recently, I made a commitment to myself. When lightning strikes, I will put my personal growth first. I will excuse myself from whatever I’m doing to capture my line of thinking. If I’m mid-conversation, I’ll ask to take a pause. (Hope you understand, dear friends.) If I’m trying to fall asleep, I’ll grab my laptop and type away (cuz ya know I ain’t gonna remember it in the morning, no matter what I try to tell myself). My commitment, in a nutshell, is less doing, more be-ing. A balance.

It’s easy to get swept up in the race of life, the whirlwind schedule… always chasing something or someone external. But I’m working to avoid that and slow down. My commitment: take in the scenery and be mindful — to give myself time to appreciate what happens and to understand my internal feelings, thoughts, and assessments.

There’s only one me, and I’m making time for her. 😘

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