Nomad Life Month #5: I’m Living on a Catamaran in Miami!

I rang in the New Year in a cockpit of a catamaran with a glass of champagne in hand, sharing the moment with a few other fellow travelers, a captain, and Penny, of course. From our vantage point in Key Biscayne, fireworks sparkled in all directions — Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Key Largo — with the multicolored city lights of Miami Beach glowing over the horizon. If that doesn’t mark an amazing start to 2021, I don’t know what does.

As I’m writing this, on a sunny and cool Sunday morning, about 10 days into my time on the catamaran, with the boat gently rocking, sunshine streaming through, and a Caesar beverage next to me… I am overwhelmed with something that can best be described as joy — pure joy — like I truly BELONG. 

Check out my digs on the catamaran in this “day in the life” video diary.

I’ve been enthralled by the water as long as I can remember. My spirit animal is an orca — intelligent, powerful, with an intense desire for independence and to travel long distances, tempered with love and loyalty for its loved ones.

Do you set goals for yourself? Things you want to do, see, achieve, visit, learn? I’ve made many lists. And some of these things I’ve already achieved. I’ve conquered public speaking. I speak Spanish, and I traveled to Spain in 2017. I can ballroom and Latin dance. I have a dog who is my best friend. I was in an adult choir/performing arts group, and sang and danced my way across a Phoenix stage for several years. And while it wasn’t specifically a dream of mine to sell my house and everything I own in favor of just the items that could fit in my SUV, and to travel full-time as a nomad… here I am, and it has been everything

When you’re living this life day to day, each day is not so momentous. I wake up in the bed I’m sleeping in, wherever it may be. I dress for the weather conditions, be it -8 (Montana in October) or 75 (Miami in January). I make or find breakfast in whichever kitchen or bakery is nearby, and I set out to explore, hike, or lately, sunbathe. But when I think back on how I accomplished so much — how I offloaded so much in 7 weeks — I’m almost overwhelmed. I look back and I literally can’t recall how I did it. I actually think I was blacked out for the last week, because sometimes I get flashes of memories — I think, whatever happened to this thing or that thing? — and I literally have no recollection. But put together, and examined as a whole… what I did really was momentous (especially as I hear it from you all, all the time… I appreciate you). And I do give myself credit for that achievement.

The common thread in this life, the thing keeping me stable, is Penny. It’s the few things I have everyday with me, and my virtual connections with friends and followers. And the remote job is a responsibility that keeps me on on a routine (and stops me from drinking those delicious Caesars each and every morning).

What’s next for me? I am putting this out in the universe NOW: I am going to write a book. To date, I have about 200 pages of journal entries from over the years, containing rough thoughts and poetry in my Google Docs, documenting my last four years. As for my “list,” writing a book has been on that list, ever since I was a little girl. So is living in a foreign country, as well as learning to sail, and going to Africa, among many other things, known and not yet known. I want to live a life where I’m constantly learning, exploring, growing.  It’s so important to evaluate your goals every year, and add to the list. What’s on yours? 

It’s absolutely a dream and a thrill to be living on the water like this. This month, I’m practicing new skills and embracing new and challenging moments. More adventure is still to come…

❤️ A little poetry ❤️

Fed by the sun. Calmed by the waves. Invigorated by the sea breeze. Romanced by a sunset…
It’s like nothing came before today. I forget my old life. I’ve been reborn, washed, made new... I have all I need. ❤️

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