Reflections on ‘Missing Arizona’, Almost 6 Months Into Nomad Life

It’s March 1, and I am now almost 6 months into nomad life (in September, I sold my house, all my things, and took off with only the stuff that would fit in my SUV in order to travel the United States… completely untethered as a full-time solo traveler!) and I just got back from Arizona, my former home of 11 years.

While it was really nice to see my friends and run my errands, I was met with some unusual emotions.

Missing Arizona?

“Do you miss Arizona?” — I got this question from friends and followers a few times when I got back to Phoenix, alá the prodigal daughter.

In the moment, I struggled with how to answer the question. “Kinda?” I thought. But that wasn’t quite right.

It took me a few days to work through the emotions I felt, and ultimately… I can’t say that I do “miss” Arizona. To me, missing something means that I’m longing for it, pining for it. Longing for something that is not my reality. Wishing that something else was right in front of me. And that’s a waste of emotional energy.

I actually can’t remember the last time I really missed, longed for, or pined for anything, because really: I choose to live in the moment. 🦋

Living in the moment means I accept my reality and I am grateful for what is right in front of me. Last year, next year — what I had or might one day have — is not on my mind. Only now and what’s currently within reach. No look-backs; onwards and upwards.

I am so fond of Arizona, appreciative of the years I spent and the memories I made, and I LOVE my friends who live in Arizona. I had an amazing week here. But I don’t miss it, not based on my definition.

I live in the moment. I embrace my reality. And I am thankful for every day. ✨

I feel like a graduate, come back to walk the campus halls. I recognize so much, but there are small differences. For instance, my ‘locker’ isn’t mine; it’s someone else’s. As I look around, I feel bigger and wiser. It feels familiar, but my perspective has matured.

– a metaphor for coming back to my former life –

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4 thoughts on “Reflections on ‘Missing Arizona’, Almost 6 Months Into Nomad Life

  1. I think your journey is really cool! Part if me wishes I was courageous enough to do the same. I’m pretty sure I saw a photo from Mississippi a while back. If you’re ever in northeast Mississippi (Oxford/Tupelo-ish) and fancy a cup of coffee I’d be glad to buy you one in exchange for some stories and making a real life friend out of someone I follow on here. If not, no problem, thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Thanks Doug! Courage is relative. What was scary for me 4 years ago now isn’t, we all start somewhere. Take some small steps towards your dream, and they will add up ☺️

      I was in Mississippi, but just for a day!! In ocean springs. No plans to go back as of yet, but I hope you stay in touch as I figure out future travel plans 💖

      1. Yes it’s amazing what can change in a few years.

        Yes ma’am I plan to. I’m biased, but I think you missed out only getting one day 😁

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