How I Determine Stopping Points on the Nomad Life

I'm a digital nomad, and I have been traveling full-time for almost 11 months. I get this question often during my #nomadlife travels: “How do you decide where to go and when?” The answer is, honestly, I don’t overthink it. I consider a combination of things when planning where to home base out of next. Read more...

Nomad Life Love Update: Understanding, The Highest Love

"When two people seek to understand each other, they build bridges of meaning. One person’s rope reaches out and ties up with the other person’s cable, and even while materially different, even while coming from different places, a link is formed. When we ask questions, when we listen, when we quietly absorb, when we seek to understand, when we empathize, we are showing people the highest love and most ultimate respect. A precursor, of course, to any budding courtship."