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How I Practice Abundance and Stay Positive, Despite the Uncertainty of Nomadic Living

A nomadic, adventurous, untethered lifestyle has become more and more attractive and popular, especially as more and more people explore remote or seasonal work, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and early retirement… but, like anything new, this lifestyle can come with a lot of question marks.

The most common concerns I hear about a nomadic lifestyle are:…

Why I Stopped Asking for an Explanation/Closure in Dating

When I think about all the time and emotional energy I wasted wondering and questioning why I guy I liked disappeared (or showed his true colors), “YOU DON’T NEED CLOSURE” is one of the things I wish I could tell my younger self.

I now take this heart — I don’t need an explanation, I…

What It Costs to Live in Mexico, and Why I Increased my Budget 

If you guys have been tracking my spending updates during the last few years since I semi-retired outside the U.S., you’ve seen… my spending (more or less) slowly increasing. 

While some of that is a result of inflation, demand, and the strengthening Mexican peso… I’ve also made some conscious choices.

Hiking Peru’s Inca Trail in 4 Days: My Experience & What to Expect

Truthfully, hiking the Inca Trail was never really on my radar… not until I was invited to the G Adventures’ GX Summit in Peru this September. Well, since I’m always up for a challenge, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to add on the 4-day hike, and stretch out of my comfort zone.


Worldpackers Review: My Experience Volunteering in Mexico

If you would like to travel more, and are craving a more fulfilling and meaningful experience (both for you as a traveler and the communities you engage with) — while keeping costs down — consider volunteering. Here’s my experience with the platform Worldpackers.

My 7-Day Itinerary for Mexico City: What to Do, Eat & Visit

Mexico City: it’s one of my favorite cities in the world, PLUS the city in which I’ve spent the MOST time since becoming a nomad in 2020! Here’s what I tell tourists to do in the city if they only have 7 days. (Check out my Instagram for even more recommendations!)

The #1 Quality Each Minimalist Needs: And How I Nurtured It

People look at what I did — downsized my entire life into a few boxes and suitcases — and think: “Wow, good for her, but I never could!” and that doesn’t surprise me. When the seeds were first planted, I thought the same. But my transformation boils down to ONE single quality that I nurtured…

6 Formative Moments that Taught Me the Value of Money

I’m a nomad, who sold her house, quit her job, and is traveling the world… and I want to tell YOU, and anyone else who looks at me in AWE of my rebellious and fearless escape: I am not a superhero. I’m an average woman, WHO DID AN UNAVERAGE THING.

I see money and…

Misunderstood Mexico: Busting the 7 Biggest Myths I Keep Hearing

I’ve been slow-traveling across the country of Mexico since early 2022, discovering its many towns, cities, landscapes, bodies of water, natural and historic attractions, and cultural and culinary traditions.

… So naturally I tend to encounter a lot of myths, biases, and falsehoods from people who just don’t have the firsthand experience with Mexico that…

I’m a Quitter — and I’m Proud of It

I’ve quit jobs that stopped fulfilling me and left employers that didn’t value my contributions. 

I’ve quit relationships that were unhealthy and emotionally burdensome.

I’ve quit responding to or engaging with people that demand emotional labor from me, cause me negativity, or give nothing back. 

I’ve quit allowing things I don’t like and don’t interest…

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