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Personal Safety Measures I Take As a Female Full-Time Solo Traveler

Most people are good. I’ve met so many helpful, hospitable, generous people while traveling, of all nationalities and sexes and ages, and I know this to be true: most people are good.

While I’m not naturally distrusting or fearful, I AM self-aware, prepared, and I trust my intuition. From someone who’s been solo traveling for 15 years, and 100% full-time for the past 9-plus months, here’s my advice to you…

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What Financial Freedom Means to Me

Take two people who make the same income: one of them saves 50% of their salary and lives simply. The other saves nothing; their salary funds their lifestyle of cars, renovations, luxury trips, expensive brunches and nights out.

Who is wealthier?

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6 Misconceptions About Solo Travel

Solo travel is no longer just a pre- or post-college, gap year kind of thing — it’s for remote employees, early retirees, sabbatical-takers, or the deliberately unemployed — the ones who are not waiting for that magical “retirement” age of 65+ to see the world.

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What Are Your Money, Time, and Emotional Energy Wasters? Cut That Overhead

I had a great conversation recently with a new friend. As we were swapping downsizing stories, she threw this word out there — OVERHEAD — which immediately struck me.

You business people know what ‘overhead’ is. But ‘life overhead,’ as I’ve decided to call it, is ongoing expenditures (whether money, time or emotional energy) that do not directly contribute or bring value or profit to YOUR LIFE — THE LIFE YOU DESIRE.

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