How I Practice Abundance and Stay Positive, Despite the Uncertainty of Nomadic Living

A nomadic, adventurous, untethered lifestyle has become more and more attractive and popular, especially as more and more people explore remote or seasonal work, entrepreneurship, freelancing, and early retirement... but, like anything new, this lifestyle can come with a lot of question marks. The most common concerns I hear about a nomadic lifestyle are: how to deal with inconsistent expenses, unreliable income, and financial uncertainty about the future. Here's my take.

Homeless, Jobless, and Happy: But I Still Feel ‘Successful’

Success isn’t linear. (Nor is financial gain an absolute indicator of success — or happiness.) Case in point: I won a National Emmy Award at age 20 and a Regional Emmy Award at age 21. (Best college newscast while I was news director, and best advanced media for content my team and I produced.) Then I was laid off from my newsroom job in Minneapolis at age 22 and had to move back in with my parents. There's more...

My 3 Rules For Finding Balance while Traveling, From a Full-Time Nomad

"Uh oh, I better maximize my vacation and have all the fun because the clock is ticking!" "Uh oh, my free time on vacation is finite so I better choose all the best activities and nothing better go wrong!" "Uh oh, sleeping in or just taking it easy while on vacation means I'm wasting my precious time!" See how the scarcity mindset sets you up to fail? I have since learned to think of time in abundance to find balance while traveling, and you should too.