Calling Me ‘Marriage Material’ Is Not a Compliment

Just recently, in a Facebook group discussion, I was called "marriage material." By a rando stranger reacting to my financial successes. And, being the straightforward and direct person that I am, I politely replied, “I’m sure you mean well, but that isn’t a compliment." Allow me to state my case...

Your Employment Status Does Not Define You

As I see many of my friends, acquaintances, and connections getting laid off, taking mandated furloughs, or receiving pay cuts, I just wanted to leave this here: Your employment status does not define you, and your salary does not equal your value. What does define you? A willingness to embrace change and adapt. Generosity of time, heart and spirit. Persistence and determination. A desire for personal growth and betterment. Humility. Appreciation for the gifts you do have in life. Because, this: