Upping the Ante: I’m 36 and I’m Retiring (Temporarily)

The average person works super hard for ~45 years and hopes all his efforts have paid off; that he will still have physical health and presence of mind (and financial security) to enjoy the time he has left. It doesnโ€™t always work out that way. Case in point: my father. Iโ€™m young (36). Iโ€™m healthy. Iโ€™m single, un-obligated and uninhibited, with only a pup to care for. So to my employer: it's over. Itโ€™s not you, itโ€™s me. Call it a sabbatical or a mini retirement or a temporary early retirement, I need to put my priorities, passions, and purpose first. Iโ€™m going where the creativity takes me, while I have the blessing of mental prowess, physical health, and minimal obligations.ย