Why I Stopped Asking for an Explanation/Closure in Dating

When I think about all the time and emotional energy I wasted wondering and questioning why I guy I liked disappeared (or showed his true colors), "YOU DON'T NEED CLOSURE" is one of the things I wish I could tell my younger self. I now take this heart — I don’t need an explanation, I don’t need closure, and I certainly don’t need his excuses. It's unproductive, it tells me nothing, nor does it change what happened. Here's 6 reasons to stop asking for closure.

How I Harnessed My Single Girl Power

I find myself reflecting, once in a blue moon, about how I’ve been largely single these last five years and what that has been like: half a decade making meals for one, without regular physical intimacy, holidays spent without a special someone, trips and photographs taken alone... And I’m wistful for a moment, because I want these things. I enjoy building a life with someone. Waking up together in the morning. Flirting, teasing, trusting. Loving and investing, with my whole heart.  And then I remember...