Why I Stopped Asking for an Explanation/Closure in Dating

When I think about all the time and emotional energy I wasted wondering and questioning why I guy I liked disappeared (or showed his true colors), "YOU DON'T NEED CLOSURE" is one of the things I wish I could tell my younger self. I now take this heart — I don’t need an explanation, I don’t need closure, and I certainly don’t need his excuses. It's unproductive, it tells me nothing, nor does it change what happened. Here's 6 reasons to stop asking for closure.

I Stay Hopeful For Love by Loving and Valuing Myself

On my worst days, especially after date after disappointing date, I think: "Will I ever find anyone to love again?" And hey, at least it's better than thinking, "Will anyone ever love ME?" I stop this thought in its tracks, and I remind myself: I will. I will find someone else to love... a person that will also love me. And it will likely be when I least expect it, in the wildest place, or under the most surprising circumstances. It only takes one… but there is not only one...