Day of the Dead in Oaxaca: My Experience Traveling on Nat Geo and G Adventures’ Group Trip

As a travel blogger and expat who's been living and traveling long-term in Mexico, one of the first things I was told after arriving in this country was that I HAD to experience Day of the Dead, Mexico's vibrant, elaborate, and legendary holiday to celebrate and remember deceased loved ones. So in 2023, I joined a 7-day, 6-night group trip, offered by National Geographic and G Adventures, to celebrate Día de los Muertos in Oaxaca — and here’s my honest review.

Misunderstood Mexico: Busting the 7 Biggest Myths I Keep Hearing

I've been slow-traveling across the country of Mexico since early 2022, discovering its many towns, cities, landscapes, bodies of water, natural and historic attractions, and cultural and culinary traditions. ... So naturally I tend to encounter a lot of myths, biases, and falsehoods from people who just don’t have the firsthand experience with Mexico that I do. So, here we go — let’s bust some myths!

50 Days in Quintana Roo: What I Thought of Mexico’s Most Touristic State — and My Favorite Things to Do

Quintana Roo: it’s probably the most well-known and highly-touristed state in Mexico, and brings to mind all-inclusive resorts, powdery beaches, and turquoise water. That is — unless you dive under the surface. (No pun intended.) After spending most of February in central Mexico, this little nomad and solo traveler decided to venture east to see what "QRoo" had to offer. I spent a month in Tulum, a week in Playa del Carmen, and 4-5 days each in a couple other spots. Let’s count it down! Warning: Opinionated opinions ahead...