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Do you want a little more travel in your life? Are you ready to turn your travel dreams into reality, but uncertain where to start, or how to sort out those final details?

Whether you’re a busy professional yearning for a well-planned adventure, or a new-to-international traveler seeking guidance and confidence, I’m here to help.

With my immersive international travel experience and travel industry connections, I offer personalized travel coaching services that cater to your unique travel style, interests, and budget.

Together, we will ensure that nothing stands in the way of your ultimate travel experience!

~ But first, is travel coaching for you? The ideal travel coaching client is… ~

  • A busy professional or head of household, seeking expert destination guidance, time-saving solutions, and tailored itinerary assistance — who doesn’t want to handle all the details alone
  • A novice traveler in need of comprehensive support, including overcoming challenges, avoiding rookie mistakes, and combating fear associated with planning and embarking upon a first trip to their destination of choice
  • An individual who has almost completed their trip planning but requires assistance with final details, bookings, and recommendations — who needs a little help across the finish line!

~ What you can expect: The services I offer my clients ~

Destination guidance

Discover your ideal travel destinations (regions, countries, and cities!) based on your preferences, interests, goals, and level of comfort with international travel. Whether you are seeking a relaxing island getaway somewhere in Greece or an adventurous trek across Ireland, I will help you identify destinations, activities, and pacing that aligns with you and your family’s desires.

Tailored planning assistance

Together, we’ll build customized itineraries that cater to your specific interests and preferences. From recommended routes that optimize your time, to must-visit attractions that align with your interests, I will ensure that your itinerary is personalized to make your trip truly unforgettable. Additionally, I will provide insider tips and resources to help you make the most of your experience.

Budgeting and cost-savings

Get my expert guidance on optimizing your travel budget without compromising on quality experiences. I will help you find cost-effective solutions for accommodations, dining options, and activities, so you can make the most of your budget without sacrificing the enjoyment of your trip. Plus, my clients often save $$ (or gain exclusive amenities) purchasing through my links than if they were to go direct.

Trusted recommendations

Benefit from my vetted network of reputable tour operators and tried-and-true hotel member consortium. With my extensive knowledge from traveling around the world, and experience in the travel industry, I will ensure that you receive the best recommendations (and highest service) that meet your expectations and preferences.

Overcoming challenges

With my assistance, overcome the overwhelming amount of information available and make informed decisions. I’ve been there, done that! Let me tackle information overload, decision fatigue, and any limiting beliefs hindering your travel plans. I will also help you address any lingering questions or concerns that may be holding you back from finalizing your dream trip.

Looking for a full-service travel advisory assistance? Look no further… I want to hear from you. Depending on my workload, I take on select clients in an expanded travel advisory capacity (or I’ll refer you to one of my esteemed colleagues). Send me an email!

~ How we’ll work together ~

  1. Initial 1:1 consultation: We’ll start with a one-on-one consultation so I can understand your travel goals, budget, and interests. This is when we’ll talk about the framework for your trip (if you have one — it’s ok if you don’t yet!) — where and when you are going (or want to go), what types of activities you like to do, and what you are comfortable spending. Or, maybe you’re in the introductory phases of planning, and simply have questions about a particular destination, a style of travel, or logistical concerns about airfare, ferries, or trains. This time is for you! We can talk through your vision, or I can answer any specific questions you’ve come up with while doing your own research. After the call, I’ll follow up with a few helpful resources.
  2. Three-session travel coaching package: We’ll get working on your game plan! I’ll help you create and finesse a tailored plan that encompasses your dream destinations, ideal activities, and suggested itineraries, and I’ll help you self-book hotels and excursions. Most clients need about three sessions per trip, although you can add on more. Through collaboration and feedback, we’ll fine-tune the plan, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision. Once you’re satisfied, I’ll assist you in finalizing bookings and ensuring everything is set for your dream trip.
  3. Add-ons: If you need additional assistance, like booking flights, accommodations, managing group travel, personalized itinerary creation, or another ala carte service, please inquire for more information and a quote.

~ About me, your travel coach-to-be ~

Hi, I’m Julie. I grew up in the Midwest and later moved to Phoenix, Arizona — and I’ve been a full-time nomad and solo traveler for 3 years, spending most of my time outside of the USA! I’ve been blogging on juliedevivre.com since 2017, reaching tens of thousands of people per year — and many more on my social media channels.

Then, in early 2023, I turned my passion for exploring the world (and for inspiring and empowering others!) into a travel coaching business. Unlike other travel experts, I don’t just dip my toes into destinations — I dive in headfirst, spending weeks and months in each place to truly understand its hidden gems, idiosyncrasies, and the local culture.

My expertise is backed by my travel advisor credentials and my affiliation with Boutique Travel Advisors of Paradise Valley, AZ, known for its partnerships with the world’s most respected tour operators, hotels, and cruise lines.

Additionally, as a direct member of Virtuoso, I have access to exclusive perks, discounts, and enhanced services for my clients.

~ Book your initial consultation… and let’s bring your #travelinspo to life! ~



Julie had a great knowledge of specific neighborhoods in Mexico City. She took my travel goals into consideration and suggested a top notch yet affordable hotel in a great area. I absolutely loved the neighborhood she suggested and was surrounded by great restaurants, parks, and plenty of stuff to do all within walking distance. She even suggested and set up watching a great Lucha Libre wrestling event! Thanks Julie.

Oscar Q.

Solo traveler


Olivia S.

Solo traveler

~ Plus, join me on a group trip! INTRODUCING… my MINI-SABBATICALS ~

Want to start traveling more, the easy way? Here’s what you can expect on my group trips:

  • Small groups of 8-16
  • Authentic, culturally immersive, curated experiences — accommodations and excursions (and sometimes meals) are included in the total cost
  • Group activities for bonding and shared moments, AND solo or free time so you can flex your solo travel muscles
  • Professional guides (not me; I’m one of the travelers, right there along with you!)
  • 3-5 trips per year (available first-come, first-serve) in different locales and of different price points

Join solo or in a friend group/couple. All the planning and logistics are taken care of for you!

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