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Change Your Surroundings, Change Your Life

If you’ve been following me and my journey for a while, you know that I’ve called Arizona home for 11 years. This summer, 2020, I’ll be 35, and have been largely single since age 30. Well, I have a huge announcement. Drumroll, please....

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The Love, Career and Finance Advice I’d Give to My Younger Self (From a Single Woman in Her 30s)

Dear impressionable 20-somethings: DON'T get married just because you’re “supposed to" or "it's time." Don’t choose your career on “suitability,” choose a CALLING. Forget the things that'll make you look rich, INVEST in what truly enriches your life. Let everything you do be best for you; for now or for later, and for the betterment of what really matters in this life.

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Career Pivots: How I Broke Free of the Trappings of My Degree

I didn’t like how news de-sensitized me. I didn’t like the ol’ boys’ club and the sexism in the workplace. I also didn’t like how the newsroom was stuck in the old ways. But escape was difficult.

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How To Rent Out Your House and Become a Nomad Like Me

If you can get over the fear of being temporarily homeless and having a bunch of strangers all up in your stuff… here's how to rent out your fully-furnished house and live a nomadic lifestyle!

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My Favorite Places in Phoenix/Scottsdale: Restaurant Edition

Take it from a 10-plus year resident who loves to eat and drink, here's 15 of my favorite places in Phoenix/Scottsdale, restaurant edition.