Why Your Favorite Nomad Blogger Became a Travel Coach (and What That Is)

Five and a half years ago, I started this blog, borne out of a passion for travel, a desire to express myself, and the joy of educating and inspiring others.

And it’s come a long way during that time: I’ve welcomed over 90,000 unique website visitors, I published an eBook, and I’ve landed a handful of one-time or ongoing business collaborations. And I’ve been cooking up something else exciting…

I’m excited to announce, I’m partnering with Boutique Travel Advisors, one of the most well-regarded travel agencies in Arizona, as an independent travel coach! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

What is a travel coach and what does a travel coach do, you ask?

If you’re contemplating a dream trip, a dream destination, a dream activity, or just something that’s totally NEW TO YOU — that’s where I can come in — with research, planning, location insights, vetted recommendations, and destination expertise.

What can one expect from a travel coach?

Travel coaching differs from the services offered by travel advisors, who do the booking for you. My ideal client wants a little more control over their trip, but they don’t want to do all the time-consuming research or take a chance on hotels and tour operators without firsthand experience. As a travel coach, I come to the table with real-life destination knowledge and curated recommendations, taking into account the client’s budget and overall goals, and guiding them through self-booking their trip.

I will:

  • Help clients identify dream destinations and formulate travel plans, based on their travel style, interests, goals and budget
  • Offer firsthand experience in destinations of interest
  • Share guidance on what to do, how to do it, and suggested routes and itineraries
  • Recommend vetted, reputable operators and tried-and-true experiences; for tours, dining, and hotels
  • Plus, help you tackle information overload, decision fatigue, and other emotions or limiting beliefs getting in the way of putting together your dream trip! 

I won’t:

  • Do the scheduling and booking for you, but I will share links and help you self-book. If there’s a client who ends up wanting full-service, I can put them in my colleagues’ very capable hands!

Bottom line: The internet is full of advice — sometimes you just need to talk to someone knowledgeable, with credibility and experience, who will help guide you through your travel decisions one-on-one. Want to work with me? Schedule a time for a 30-minute travel coach consultation ($50 USD) and learn how I can support your travel style, interests, goals, and budget! 

Already know you want more time? Book the first of 3 sessions ($199 USD). 

Get an idea of some of the trips I’ve crafted, based on my real-life experiences:

How is this different from your nomadic lifestyle mentorship offering? 

While I may still periodically take on nomadic lifestyle mentees, in my travel coaching business, I will focus on aspirational, immersive, and shorter-term travel experiences for individuals seeking authenticity, value, and transformation through travel. 

There’s a small percentage of people who are interested in adopting a nomadic lifestyle, and while I’m happy to reach them — through travel coaching, I can be of service to a larger population who are seeking enrichment through travel (but want to be a little more hands-on than if they were working with an advisor).

You have a lot of content around budget travel. Will travel coaching help me travel on a budget?

I do have a lot of content around budgeting, but the right client for travel coaching is going to be more interested in VALUE vs. PRICE. I’ve long said that travel is the only thing that makes you richer, and I believe meaningful experiences are a worthy expenditure. And after 2 1/2 years of nomadic living around the world, I am a pro at making the most of my travels, and sometimes, that includes a splurge!

That being said, during our coaching session we will talk about what a realistic budget looks like for you in a particular destination, and design accordingly.

What are your credentials to be a travel coach?

Want to support, but you’re not interested in travel coaching at this time? 

  • As a travel coach affiliated with BTA, I will have more access to and relationships with tour operators, hoteliers, events and retreats, and experiences around the world — and as usual, I will share all my best finds with you on my blog and social media (make sure you follow!)
  • I’ll hold upcoming webinars with destination-specific content and recommendations from all my time “on the road”
  • Interested in joining me on a curated in-person group experience? I am working on putting together 1-2 trips in 2023 with a select number of spots, stay tuned for more information about signing up!
  • If you have needs for luxury U.S. and international travel, honeymoon, celebration and romance travel, family travel, or group travel and business retreats, I would love to refer you to one of my teammates. Send me an email with a brief description of what you’re interested in and approximate travel dates
  • Keep telling people about me and my blog! I’ll still be sharing loads of free content including destination itineraries on my website, with my email subscriber list, and via social media 
  • Got another idea? I’m all ears. Contact me!

There are tons of travel agencies. Why work with BTA?

I’ve been acquainted with BTA and its founders since back when I was living in Phoenix and my blog was just starting out. During my personal interactions with Angie and the rest of BTA staff, and working closely with them the last few months to formulate the travel coach concept (the first of its kind through BTA!), I experienced firsthand how they live their values of excellence, professionalism, knowledge, and service.

This work also aligns with my mission and values — empowering others to travel has been a passion of mine for years — and I will remain location independent to keep living the nomadic lifestyle I so love, with flexible working hours. 

BTA also supports small local operators and companies who believe in the importance of sustainability and fair wages, and donates a percentage of proceeds to local communities and select destinations where our clients travel. 

Julie, your time and energy is really important to you — it’s why you quit your corporate job in the first place. Are you selling out?

When I quit my job in 2021, I semi-retired, and even though I currently have financial stability, one of my key values in life is to make an impact on others… and I can do that through recreational employment such as this! Travel coaching is just one of several ways I continue to inspire others to be true to themselves and their dreams: the work that I do is not just in pursuit of a paycheck, but ladders up to what matters to me in life. 

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my blog and business over the years. I’m excited to serve you all further. ❤️

In summary, through my travel coaching offering with BTA:

  • I’ll support your travel style, interests, goals, and budget through private and group travel coaching (book a 30-minute call!)
  • I’ll gain increased credibility for premier access to hotels, tours, excursions, and events around the world (that you’ll see on social media!)
  • I’ll be able to craft and offer group trips! (Want to meet me and spend time together in a really cool destination?!)
  • I can refer you or anyone else you know who wants travel advisory services to the perfect BTA colleague
  • And I’ll earn income doing something I love

Buen viaje, amigos. Here we go! ❤️ 

Get to know me and more of my travel history:

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