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Escape your life: mentoring and coaching with Julie now available

Why I decided to start coaching

I certainly didn’t know I would become a “role model” when I started talking about the how and why I’ve made the decisions I’ve made:
🌙 to DOWNSIZE everything (including a house)
🌙 to become 100% NOMADIC and TRAVEL the world
🌙 to QUIT A REMOTE JOB I liked to have FULL and ultimate autonomy over my time and mental energy, and
🌙 to do ALL of this in my MID-30s, in direct opposition of EVERYTHING society tells a single woman to be doing right now

But here I am.

And while I’ve put out a WEALTH of free, valuable information here on my blog… I know some of you have unique stories, unique situations, and specific needs, and would benefit from 1:1, personalized time with me. (I mean, you should see my inbox!) So, I’ve decided to make myself available on a limited basis for 1:1 personalized coaching and mentoring.

If you’re interested in changing YOUR lifestyle, but are perhaps stuck in a rut, in need of a boost of confidence, or would like to talk through logistics or emotions with me about your next big step, email me or send me a DM with the keyword “MENTOR.”

How it works

  • Once you reach out and express interest, I’ll send you a short questionnaire, which will help me understand where you are and where I can help
  • Once I receive the answers to your questionnaire, I’ll send you a link to my calendar where you can choose a time that works for you for a virtual video call with me
  • You’ll submit payment ($35 for 30 minutes) and we will talk at the designated time (if you need to reschedule, I’m flexible!)
  • No topic is off limits! You could be seeking advice on minimizing and / or becoming a nomad, traveling or moving to Mexico or elsewhere abroad, solo female travel, traveling with a pet, maximizing your budget or financing a career break, getting a remote job and transitioning to a work-from-anywhere environment… and so on
  • It can be a one-time call, or reoccurring — whatever you need to feel confident in taking the next steps in your journey. If you know you want more than one session with me… consider purchasing a package of 4 at a discount ($125 for four 30-minute slots or two 1-hour slots)!


Julie is an amazing person!! We discussed my story, goals and ambitions, and she was open in talking about hers. I asked her about the nomad life and she was very honest about it. She also helped me through a difficult time in my past when I reached out to her a few years ago and I am very grateful! I highly recommend Julie.

Ro (New York, USA), April 2022

Before my call with Julie, I had a lot of questions about which cities and towns in Mexico would be a good fit for me. Speaking with Julie gave me a lot of clarity and her questions allowed me to narrow down and think more deeply about the experiences I am seeking in my travels. Julie’s insights on different towns and cities in Mexico were so valuable, and I feel I was able to benefit from her experiences “going ahead of me.” I highly recommend booking a call with Julie!”

Laura (Michigan, USA), April 2022

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