About Me


joie de vi·vre

ˌZHwä də ˈvēvrə/


exuberant enjoyment of life.

I’m Julie. I spent the better part of 10 years working at two TV stations and then corporate America, creating great content on behalf of my employers.

Then I decided to also do it for myself. (Read more about me here.)

I’m a mobile, modern woman living the nomadic life on the road… in pursuit of the joie de vivre… documenting it all and telling stories along the way (get it? Julie de vivre?! I like to think I’m kind of clever).

Visit my YouTube channel for practical, pragmatic travel advice, which I discover through trial-and-error on my sojourns. I’ll also be sharing with you my travel philosophies, personal revelations and self-discoveries from along the way.

Feel free to connect with me via comment or on my social channels.