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Welcome! Hi, I’m Julie. I’ve been a full-time nomad for over a year, prioritizing passions over possessions, and documenting it all along the way. And boy, it’s been a trip!

After several years of sporadically and periodically renting out my house for vacationers while I traveled, in September 2020, I sold my house in Phoenix and most of my belongings in order to live a minimalist, nomadic life traveling 24-7, accompanied by my 5-year-old miniature Australian shepherd Penny. (Yes, global pandemic be damned.)

joie de vi·vre
ˌZHwä də ˈvēvrə/
noun (French)
exuberant enjoyment of life

In 2017, I experienced a soul-shattering layoff, took a 1-month trip abroad, and had my heart broken, which spurred me to start this blog and YouTube channel. Sharing my vulnerabilities, self-discoveries, and practical philosophies on travel — 50 states, 22 countries and counting! — love, money, and career has helped me re-prioritize, heal, and completely change my outlook on life.

I’ve been at this nomad life journey over a year, and I haven’t looked back yet (ok, maybe a glance once or twice). I’ve learned so much, and I can’t imagine living any other way and settling down again. I may be missing a meaningful, stable, and passion-filled relationship — but that’s ok, my life waits for no one (and maybe I’ll find him along the way!).

I hope to inspire and empower YOU to be true to yourself and implement positive change — whatever that may look like — in your life (if I can help, let me know!). I’m also working on my memoir which outlines my entire journey in detail. Subscribe to this website to stay updated on all posts and announcements!

Thanks for coming. I’m glad you’re here. xoxo, Julie ❤️

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