About Julie

joie de vi·vre
ˌZHwä də ˈvēvrə/
noun (French)
exuberant enjoyment of life

I’m a mobile, modern woman living life on my own terms, prioritizing passions over possessions, and documenting it all along the way.

In 2017, I experienced a soul-shattering layoff, took a 1-month trip abroad, and had my heart broken, which spurred me to start this blog and YouTube channel. Sharing my vulnerabilities, self-discoveries, and practical philosophies on love, solo travel — 20 countries, 36 states and counting! — and career helped me re-prioritize, heal, and completely change my outlook on life.

After a few years of sporadically and periodically renting out my house for vacationers while I traveled, in 2020, I sold my house in Phoenix and most of my belongings in order to live a minimalist, nomadic life traveling full-time, accompanied by my 4-year-old miniature Australian shepherd Penny. (Yes, global pandemic be damned.)

I hope that by relating to my experiences, you may be inspired and empowered to implement positive change in your life too. Drop me a note on my various social channels. I’d love your feedback!

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