My 2019 Year in Review: An Incredible Collection of Experiences and Memories

2020 is upon us, and like every other self-respecting, emotionally-evolved millennial, I’m reflecting on 2019 and all its milestones, memories, and blessings.


Maybe I'm Alone for the Holidays, But Lonely I'm Not

Christmas: whether one is single or in a couple, whether traveling to family or vice versa; typically, it’s a holiday one spends with loved ones. But this year, my Christmas looks a little different. And I love the flexibility and freedom.

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My Favorite Places in Phoenix/Scottsdale: Restaurant Edition

Take it from a 10-plus year resident who loves to eat and drink, here's 15 of my favorite places in Phoenix/Scottsdale, restaurant edition.


Packing the Daypack: My Must-Have Accessories

I'm a backpacker, and I pack light; so when I travel abroad I put a lot of thought into packing my daypack so I'm always prepared.