Change Your Surroundings, Change Your Life: Why I’m Going Nomadic

Never go in search of love
Go in search of life
And life will find you the love you seek.” – Atticus

Las Cruces, New Mexico

If you’ve been following me and my journey for a while, you know that I’ve called Arizona home for 11 years. This summer, 2020, I’ll be 35, and have been largely single since age 30. 

Spoiler alert: That is about to change — and it’s no vacation. 

But first… I’ve talked about complacency before — it’s my greatest fear. I’m self-aware enough to recognize that I’ve lived in Phoenix too long. My comfort has become complacency and my routines have become a rut. And “if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.”

The steps I’ve taken over the past 3 years to become more financially stable, to detach myself from my belongings, to disassociate myself from my home… have worked. My home has become a house. And instead, the road has become my home. 

So, here goes: I’m leaving Phoenix, for good. 

Starting September 2020 — as soon as the sale of my house closes — I’ll be a gypsy. That’s right. The house was put on the market. The furniture will be sold or put in storage. I’m downsizing all my worldly possessions into a few suitcases and boxes, packing up the car, and going wherever the wind takes me (give me your favorite spots!). 

I will be a resident of nowhere. (Next year’s taxes are gonna be interesting.)

Am I crazy? Probably. And I’m scared. This is not only a massive undertaking, I’ll be leaving behind the people and community I love; lifelong friends, tremendous memories, ongoing enjoyable hobbies, and my comfort zone. It won’t be easy, and it’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly. 

I know I will feel like a ship without anchor. I know I will miss my loved ones. But to change your life = you must change your surroundings. I’m restless. I want more. And I’ll be okay. Julie de vivre, indeed. 

Shout out to you amazing people that have made my 11 years in Arizona so special, and my progressive employer who is granting me the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere with a solid internet connection. I’m thrilled for this next step (and I hope you are too). Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an update! And if you have any ideas of where I should visit and when, leave me a comment!

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