Women: Why Are We So Obsessed With Men Liking Us?

Phoenix, AZ

Awhile back, a potential contender came across my path online. He had goals and aspirations. He was attractive. He was the right age, had the right family, and we shared many things in common. It had potential.

We texted, FaceTimed, and eventually met up, casually, face to face, in a city neither of us lived in. But after that, I didn’t hear much from him.

I asked myself (and my bestie): What do you think? Do you think he’s into me?

And later…

Why hasn’t he texted me yet? Why isn’t he making plans to see me? Did I have crap in my teeth? Did I say something stupid? WHAT DID I DO WRONG?

I obsessed about it for a while and felt down in the dumps. I theorized that it must be because I wasn’t skinny enough, or funny enough, or maybe he was only into brunettes. Whatever the reason, he wasn’t into me.

But you know what I soon realized?


OK, great. That’s a relief. But why, then, why was I so upset to be rejected? Did it have to do with my ego? Hmmmm.

Ladies, next time you get bummed out about that guy that isn’t flirting with you, dumped you, or just plain disappeared, ask yourself… what are you really upset about? Losing HIM, because he was amazing and everything you ever wanted and the perfect man for you? Or are you more upset about not being liked?

Rules for overcoming rejection

  1. Take away the power that rejection has over you. We won’t be every man’s cup of tea. I could be one man’s dream girl and another man’s “she’s alright.” And that’s OK by me.
  2. Be honest with yourself. We single women are so obsessed with being liked that we don’t even think about whether or not WE LIKE THEM. He didn’t get your joke. He doesn’t pay the bill. He may be cute, but he’s awkward. Whatever it is, he’s not your lobster. So don’t worry.

Today, if a man catches my eye, I might make a move. They may decline or ignore that move a percentage of the time. But there will be a percentage that accept.

And there I will find my dream man. 

Maybe I’ll be able to spot him from the top of a mountain (tehe).

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