An Open Letter to the Local Men I Meet During Nomad Life

Firstly, an acknowledgement — I don’t believe in long distance relationships.

I recognize technology makes it easier than ever before to communicate and connect long-distance, and that relationships can be launched from afar. But they cannot be sustained from afar, not in the long-term.

In addition to things like shared interests, goals, and mutual attraction, to me, a satisfying relationship requires two bodies in the same room. Looking into each other’s eyes not through a screen. Being able to reach out and touch one another, instead of longing to someday soon feel their touch. 

I think most people who’ve been in long distance relationships would agree. However, the traditional implication is that these two people are separate, stationary, and confined by their geography. But… what if one of them is not?

Case in point 👉👉 the vagabond, nomad, transient, boondocker girl without a home.

It’s true, I’m not anchored by a permanent residence. I don’t have normal obligations. I can up and leave at any time. But — and this SHOULD not be overlooked — I can up and come back at any time. I may not have a tie keeping me here, but I also don’t have a tie keeping me elsewhere. 

With a compelling-enough reason (IE: a connection too strong not to explore) I can stay in a place for awhile. Or, I can come back and stay in a place for awhile. I can do whatever I want, so the question becomes — what do I want and what does he want, and are we aligned?

This nomad life doesn’t limit my dating options, it expands them. This journey is meant to be a growing experience — in life AND in love. For the single person, dating (and surely, heartbreaks too, for which I’m certainly not immune) are a natural part of a person’s development. Being a “nomad” doesn’t mean that I’ll never be able to fall in love, it means that I will have more freedom to fall in and explore a potential love. 

(Let me be clear. I’m not now nor have ever been someone who dates frivolously, casually, or just because she’s bored. I am careful about who I spend my time with. If I feel romantic interest in someone, he will know.)

My point, to the eligible men out there — before you dismiss a transient woman out of hand — before you convince yourself the free-spirited woman is a risky pursuit not worth chasing — before you think, “What’s the point? She’s moving on soon and has no concrete plans to come back” — not only do assumptions make a you-know-what, they can be hurtful. Please don’t be deterred by her adventurous spirit. Don’t let her lack of a long-term plan be the reason you let a potential connection slip by. A current situation doesn’t necessarily mean one thing or another. If you feel strongly, shoot your shot! Please note, I direct this advice at both sexes and orientations — I’m certainly not the only one working remotely from somewhere other than home for an unknown period of time right now!

We all only get one life. Let’s live it without regrets. 😘

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Small (but necessary) fine print: This is not an invitation to hit me up for a date 😏✌️

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